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2022 - Winter

 - Articles in this issue: 

Educating and Debating Social and Policital Issues in the Napierville Lyceum

          Carl Fletcher, Stephen D. Perry, Cristi Eschler-Freudenrich, Jonathan Powers, Flora Khoo, Brook Dunbar, Beryl Nyamwange, Hanisha Besant,  &  Jana Duckett - Video Abstract Link

Not a Foregone Conclusion: The Early History of Facebook's Political Economy

          Todd L Wold - Video Abstract Link

Self-Discovery through Metaphor: The Prayer Journal of Flannery O'Connor

        Elizabeth Anchondo

Lightsaber Vigil to Carrie Fisher: A Fantasy-Theme Analysis

        Rennie Cowan

A Boondoggle in Space: Themes in 1960s Era Space Exploration Coverage by the Saturday Evening Post

          Stephen D. Perry and Jennifer Scott - Video abstract link 


Volume 1 Issue 2


Issue Editor - Stephen D. Perry


Just Breathe: A Rhetorrectional Situation Analysis of "Breathe" from In the Heights. 

          Ann Broda

Breaking the Ice on the Cold War: Cluster Analysis of JFK's Berlin Speech

          Dara Phillips

"You Can't Stop What's Comin'": Antiocular Critique of Joel and Ethan Coen's No Country for Old Men

           Kevin Crawford

Narrative Mutation: The Uncertainty of Crisis Triggers Rhetorical Chain Reactions Driven by the Progression of Merging Narratives Out of the Depths of "the Pit"

           Suha Mohammed

Sermonic Discourse in the Motive State of Rhetoric: A Generic Criticism of John Wesley's Sermon 1 - Salvation by Faith

            Michael Rhett

VOlume 1 Issue 3

2022 - Summer

Issue Editor - Jaime Higdon

Southern folk preaching: Suggesting the existence of a genre through comparison of sermons of "Uncle Bud" Robinson and Fred Craddock

          Abram Book

Celebrity influence subverted in I am Second: An invitation to understanding

          Shannon Bates, Ijeoma Eze, Laura L. Groves, & Stephen D. Perry

Look back to look forward: Sensemaking and the making of sense of Severn Cullis-Suzuki's 1992 address to the United Nations Earth Summit

          Joseph W. Sowers


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2022 - Fall

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